Welcome New Students!

Welcome new students of Kettering University! We look forward to meeting all of you and we wish you the best of luck in your studies here at Kettering. Feel free to come down to the house at any time. We always have something going on at all times. You are always welcome for lunch and dinner to escape the terrible school food or you need a break from school. If you need a ride down to the house, give us a call (810) 232-9155. We'd be more than glad to pick you up.

Congratulations New Members

Congratulations to our new Members! They are Zack Gratti, Blake White, Brandon Liphardt, Anthony Miceli, Kevin Baltutat, Doug Cosby, Colton Skinner, Cody Wiebell, Brett Wregglesworth, and Jon Pyles. We would like to welcome them into the brotherhood and wish them luck as they continue on their walk to prefect brotherly love.

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